Kappa Kappa Gamma


Chapter: Delta Delta

Founding Date: October 13, 1870

Founding Location: Monmouth College

Founders: Anna Elizabeth Willits, Susan Burley Walker, Martha Louisa Stevenson, Mary Moore Stewart, Hannah Jeannette Boyd, Mary Louise Bennett

Colours: Dark blue & Light Blue

Flower: Fleur-de-lis

Jewel: Sapphire

Other Symbols: Key, Owl 

Motto: Dream Boldly, Live Fully

Values: Friendship, leadership, scholarship, and social development

Philanthropy: Reading Is Fundamental

I joined a sorority at McGill to find lifelong friendships that would extend well beyond my four years in university. I’m constantly surrounded by courageous, exceptional women who feel less like friends and more like family. From the leadership opportunities to the endless support system, the Panhellenic community offers something for everyone. Whatever brings you to Greek Life at McGill, the one thing I can promise is that you will find more than you could have ever expected.
— Kristina